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25 Oct 2016

The famous TV show has just its climax in less than a week in the grand finale. This final stage was marked by stiff competition between the six finalists in which two winners would be determined. It has been a show hosted by Master Anand. This grand event was hosted in North Karnataka at Vidyadana Samithi High School grounds of Gadag district. The children who made it to the final list of competitors were Achintya, Putraju Tushar, Amogha, Revathi Chitrali, Mahindra, and Tejaswini. The grand finale winners emerged to be Puttaraju and Chitraali. The judges of the event were the gifted actress Lakshmi, TV Personality T N Seetharam and the acclaimed actor Vijay Raghavendran. 

Drama juniors is a reality show of Kannada that was aired on...

25 Oct 2016
The Kapil Sharma comedy show is one of the best Indian TV Reality shows. The show is a complete family entertainer and is loved by the children and the elders alike. The characters on the show have an impeccable comic timing which makes this show unique and a complete laugh riot. Almost all big Bollywood stars have come on the show for promoting their new films before the release. A live interaction with the audience of the show is another unique feature of this show. In this way, many fans are able to meet their screen idols. The show has an immense following and has won many awards on online TV channels.

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